AirVape XS GO Vaporizer

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Key Features

☑️ Compact design

☑️ Hybrid heating and vapor cooling

☑️ Extended battery life

☑️ Precision control and safety

☑️ Eco-friendly operation

☑️ Easy maintenance and charging

Meet the AirVape XS GO, the definition of pocket-sized, yet packs a serious punch. Apollo has chiseled a device that’s as friendly to your hand as it is to your budget. This vaporizer is a marvel of convenience, stripping away complication without sacrificing the heart of the vaping experience. With a simple one-button interface, it's the go-to for effortless enjoyment. The XS GO stands out for its ergonomic design and ease, earning praise from users for its hassle-free approach to vaping. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the XS GO is your gateway to a world of simple, pure satisfaction.


Robust Build Quality

The AirVape XS Go is crafted from durable materials, offering a robust and resilient design that stands the test of time; Enjoy a long-lasting device that consistently delivers exceptional performance

Lightweight and Ultra-Portable

Take your vaping experience anywhere with the ultra-portable AirVape XS Go; Its lightweight design ensures you can carry it effortlessly, making it an ideal companion for your on-the-go lifestyle

Simple Cleaning Process

Maintaining the AirVape XS Go is straightforward, thanks to its design that allows for easy cleaning; Spend less time on maintenance and more on enjoying your vaping sessions

Discreet LED Indicators

The AirVape XS Go features discreet LED indicators, providing essential information in a subtle way; These indicators blend seamlessly with the design, maintaining the device's discreet aesthetic

Ergonomic Grip

Hold your device with ease and comfort, thanks to the AirVape XS Go's ergonomic grip; Designed to fit naturally in your hand, it enhances usability and comfort during extended vaping sessions

Odour-Resistant Materials

Constructed with odour-resistant materials, the AirVape XS Go keeps smells at bay, ensuring discretion and freshness after each use; It's the perfect choice for those who value privacy in their vaping experience

What's in the Box?

- AirVape XS GO- USB Charger Cable- Cleaning, Loading Tools- Replacement Filter Screens- User Manual- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Airvape Warranty

The warranty covers the lifetime of the product excluding the battery. Battery replacement is available for a fee after 6 months. Requires proof of purchase from an authorized retailer​ like for warranty support.

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