Dynavap - The "B" Vaporizer

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Key Features

☑️ Battery-free Heat Source

☑️ Portable Pocket-Friendly Size

☑️ Temperature Indicating Cap

☑️ Stainless Steel Construction

☑️ Manual Heating Control

☑️ Customizable Modular Design

☑️ Anodized Aluminum Exterior

☑️ Click Temperature Notification

☑️ Environmentally Friendly Operation

☑️ Easy Maintenance Cleaning

☑️ Compatible With Accessories

☑️ Discrete Usage Capability

Experience the art of manual heating with Dynavap's "B" vaporizer, thermal extraction as its known is a signature of craftsmanship designed for those who appreciate the tactile joy of flame-heated simplicity. Celebrated for its rapid heat-up time, this device invites you to engage directly in the ritual of your vaping experience, allowing for a personal touch in achieving the perfect temperature. Enthusiasts rave about the "B" for its no-frills, reliable performance, providing a robust and flavorful draw with each use, making it an essential companion for those who value simplicity and efficiency in their vaping routine.


Quality Craftsmanship

Constructed with superior materials, the DynaVap B not only boasts an elegant appearance but also offers effective insulation and a comfortable hold

Compact for Mobility

Its discreet form factor makes the DynaVap B an ideal companion for on-the-go vaping, easily fitting in your pocket or bag for top-notch vaping anywhere

Intuitive Operation

With its user-friendly design and controls, navigating the features of the DynaVap B is effortless, keeping you informed about your session details at a glance

Ergonomic and Stylish

The DynaVap B isn't just about comfort; its design also adds a touch of elegance, with its discreet lines and quality materials making it a fashionable accessory for any vaper

Portable Size

Enjoy the ease of portable vaping with the DynaVap B's discreet size, perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag, ideal for vaping enthusiasts always on the move

Simple Maintenance

Keeping the DynaVap B in top condition is straightforward, thanks to its easy-to-clean components, allowing you more time to enjoy your vaping sessions

What's in the Box?

- The "B" Vaporizer- Captive Cap- User Guide

Lifetime Dynavap Warranty

DynaVap provides a limited lifetime warranty for its devices.Requires proof of purchase from an authorized retailer​ like herbvape.com for warranty support.

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