KLIP Grinder by HOJ LIFE

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Key Features

☑️ Precision slicing blade system

☑️ Frictionless grinding with magnets

☑️ Customizable grinding consistency

☑️ Lifetime warranty

☑️ Rugged anodized aluminum and steel

☑️ Easy maintenance with magnetic assembly

The KLIP by HØJ reimagines the traditional herb grinder with its innovative design and precision cutting technique. This product, developed by the Danish company HØJ, stands out for its use of magnets and a custom gearing system that slices through herbs, rather than grinding them. This slicing action preserves the herb’s flavor and potency, making the KLIP a favorite among connoisseurs. Its main selling point is its ability to deliver a smoother, more consistent grind, increasing your overall vaping experience.


Dual Precision Blades

Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP uses custom-built dual blades that finely slice herbs, preserving their potency and providing a fluffier consistency for a more even burn

Magnetic Magic

The grinder features opposing magnets that suspend the central pin in mid-air, offering an almost frictionless, smooth spinning experience

Patent-Pending Accessory System

KLIP comes with a unique magnetic accessory system, including three control discs and a collection mesh, allowing for customization from fine to coarsely cut herbs

Ease of Use

Designed with accessibility in mind, KLIP opens magnetically with just a 10-degree twist, making it suitable for users with limited dexterity

Lifetime Warranty

Ensuring peace of mind, KLIP is backed by a lifetime warranty, reflecting its high-quality build and durability

Modular Design

This feature allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, as well as flexibility in how the product is used

What's in the Box?

- KLIP Grinder- Catching Screen Set- Pro Cleaning Kit- Carry Pouch- User Manual

Lifetime Hoj Life Warranty

A lifetime warranty to ensure this is the only GRINDER you'll ever need

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