Puffco Peak Pro 2023 Vaporizer

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Color: Onyx

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Key Features

☑️Water filtration system

☑️Adjustable temperature control

☑️Wireless charging

☑️Haptic feedback

☑️LED light band

☑️Auto-sleep function

☑️Improved battery life

☑️iOS/Android app compatibility

The Puffco Peak Pro 2023 edition invites you to a realm where peak performance meets artistic innovation. Step into the future of concentrate vaporization with a device that stands as a symbol of technological mastery. The 3D Chamber's precise heat control ensures your concentrates are vaporized evenly, preserving every nuance of flavor. Its sleek design with a selection of sophisticated colors mirrors your own style. Enhanced with rapid heat-up times and a long battery life, the Peak Pro offers an elevated experience, blending art and science in a way that speaks to those who appreciate the finer things.


Revamped Glass Top and 3DXL Chamber

The 2023 Puffco Peak Pro features a new glass top with a five-hole percolator for cooler, bigger hits. The updated 3DXL chamber, a larger electronic oven for hash, results in massive rips and improved efficiency. This chamber is now standard equipment, enhancing overall vapor quality and preventing spillover damage.

Real-Time Temperature Control and Customization

Includes firmware updates and an in-app vapor adjustment option for customizable output for each heating setting. The app connectivity enables real-time temperature control, exploration of heat profiles, and ongoing improvements through firmware updates.

Joystick Carb Cap and Improved Airflow

The Peak Pro now ships with a raised, joystick-like carb cap that allows easier airflow control. This cap provides a better seal to prevent oil splashing while allowing deep cleaning. It features four air intake holes for increased airflow, enhancing extraction efficiency and vapor quality.

Customizable LED Lights and Intensity Mode

The Peak Pro is equipped with customizable LED lights that can create a personalized light show as you take a hit. The "Intensity mode" is a unique feature that, when activated, produces thicker and milkier clouds, enhancing the overall vapor quality. This mode is accessible by clicking the power button five times and works independently for each of the four preset temperature settings.

Ceramic Bowl for Superior Flavor

The Puffco Peak Pro's ceramic bowl is engineered for even heat distribution, ensuring consistent temperatures that preserve the flavors and aromas of concentrates for a rich vaping experience.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Featuring a robust battery capable of delivering about 30 sessions per charge, the Peak Pro includes a USB-C port for quick and efficient recharging, minimizing downtime and catering to convenience and reliability.

What's in the Box?

- Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer- Carrying Case- Cleaning Swabs- Loading Tool- Carb Cap- USB-C Cable- User Manual

2 years Puffco Warranty

Covers defects in materials and workmanship for the Cupsy device.

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