TinyMight V2 Vaporizer

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Key Features

☑️ Adjustable Power Settings

☑️ On-Demand Convection Heat

☑️ Replaceable Battery Option

☑️ All-Glass Vapor Path

☑️ Portable Wooden Body

☑️ Custom Session Settings

☑️ Fast Heat-Up Time

☑️ Cool Vapor Delivery

☑️ Precision Crafted Unit

☑️ Stealth Mode Operation

☑️ Intuitive Usage Simplicity

☑️ Temperature Dial Control

Venture into the cosmos of flavor with the Tinymight 2 Vaporizer. Crafted with a titanium stem and insulated with American walnut wood, this Finnish heavyweight is lauded for delivering cool, richly flavored vapor that take you on a deep space exploration. It's like the Hubble Telescope of vapes, revealing layers to my herbs I never knew existed. The Tinymight 2 is also celebrated for its quick heat-up time, robust battery life, and the versatility of its adjustable temperature range, ensuring every session is a discovery. Tiny but Mighty. From the original OG Tinymight to the newer updated versions, it's always been clear - the Tinymight 2 is a real champion.


Rapid Heat & Powerful Vapor

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Tinymight 2 shines with its swift heat-up ability, delivering potent, tasty vapor from dry herbs in record time. This feature is a part of its acclaimed "beast mode," exemplifying the device's high-performance capabilities."}]}]}

Robust Build & Elegant Design

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","The American Walnut wood construction of the Tinymight 2 not only offers an elegant look but also ensures durability for enduring usage. The wood's natural properties also aid in superior insulation, enhancing its premium feel."}]}]}

Flexible Vaping Modes

The Tinymight 2 is adaptable for various vaping styles with its demand and session modes. Its 'demand modes' feature includes a rapid triple-click option for immediate heating, catering to a range of user preferences.

User-Friendly & Customizable

Despite a modest learning curve, the Tinymight 2 is lauded for its simplicity, featuring a single-button control system. The ease of adjusting the herb chamber and the intuitive use of the stir tool enhance the user experience.

Integrated Tools for Convenience

Included with the Tinymight 2 is a built-in multi-tool that simplifies unloading and cleaning the bowl. The stir tool is a practical addition for managing the herb chamber's contents efficiently.

Advanced Battery & Fast Charging

Equipped with a removable 18650 battery, the Tinymight 2 supports quick charging via its USB-C port. Its LED indicators provide a clear view of the battery life, keeping users well-informed about the device's power status.

What's in the Box?

- TinyMight V2 Vaporizer- Glass Mouthpiece- USB Charger- Cooling Unit- Cleaning Tools- User Manual

3-year TinyMight Warranty

3 Years

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