Volcano Classic Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

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Key Features

☑️Classic design

☑️Patented balloon system

☑️Dual inhalation methods

☑️Large filling chamber

☑️Analog temperature gauge

☑️Efficient heating process

☑️Certified for medical grades

☑️Aftermarket modifications

☑️Extremely large temperature spectrum

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer by German giants Storz & Bickel is the legendary behemoth that pioneered the golden age of vaping. With its durable construction and medical-grade vapor, it has set an untouchable standard in the industry. The Volcano Classic is a rite of passage for any serious enthusiast, emphasizing its timeless design and communal vaping experience. Its iconic balloon system represents a commitment to excellence that has yet to be surpassed, securing its status as the king of desktop vaporizers.


Time-Honored, Iconic Design

The Volcano Classic boasts a time-honored, iconic design, instantly recognizable with its unique, volcano-shaped silhouette, not only making it a conversation piece but also a statement of quality and style in any setting

Robust Stainless Steel Housing

Encased in a robust, high-grade stainless steel housing, the vaporizer combines durability with a discreet , polished appearance, ensuring it stands the test of time both in functionality and aesthetics

User-Friendly Interface with Retro Charm

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the Volcano Classic integrates simple, analog controls with a retro charm, offering ease of use without compromising on the sophisticated feel of the device

Detachable, Easy-to-Clean Components

It is designed with detachable components, including a user-replaceable air filter and an easily accessible herb chamber, facilitating effortless cleaning and maintenance, thus prolonging the device’s pristine condition and optimal functionality

Compact Footprint, Mighty Presence

Despite its powerful capabilities, the Volcano Classic maintains a compact footprint, making it an unobtrusive yet mighty presence in any room, blending seamlessly with various interior decors

Heat-Resistant, Safe Construction

Crafted with heat-resistant materials and a heat-insulated design, the vaporizer ensures user safety and device integrity even during extended use, reflecting a commitment to high standards and user well-being.

What's in the Box?

- Volcano Classic Vaporizer- Easy Valve Starter Set- Air Filter Set- Liquid Pad- Herb Mill- Cleaning Brush- Balloon- User Manual

2 years Storz & Bickel Warranty

Warranty extends to 3 years upon registration. Covers defects in materials, workmanship, or design. Excludes wear and tear parts like batteries, balloons, etc. Requires proof of purchase from an authorized retailer​ like herbvape.com for warranty support.

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